A brand new BBQ restaurant will be opening soon in downtown Quincy and you can just smell the excitement in the air.

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Platt Daddy BBQ, a family-owned business- will soon be opening its doors in The District located at 605 Hampshire, right next to Thyme Square Cafe. According to the Facebook post, the restaurant will serve its signature product Oink Dust (which sounds amazing) along with smooth meats and mouthwatering treats.

Experience Quincy also teased that there could be a partnership between Quincy Axe Company and Platt Daddy BBQ for a fun night out. Seeing new businesses coming to The District and Quincy, in general, makes me hope that Quincy is really growing and becoming a place where people, especially young people, will want to stay and live.

Platt Daddy BBQ joins other businesses that are coming to The District including the Quincy Children's Museum. While the museum waits for its permanent building to be complete it will make 625 Maine their temporary home so that it can work on developing new programs and events for children.

There's no specific date as to when the new BBQ restaurant will open, but I can tell you this. Downtown Quincy is going to start smelling REAL good this year and I can't wait to try everything on Platt Daddy BBQ's menu.

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