Man, I love a good ole fashion diner and Missouri is filled with these classic-style places. One particular diner was just named the absolute best in the U.S.

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Whether you want a burger and fries or a massive helping of biscuits and creamy gravy the Broadway Diner in Columbia Missouri can deliver whatever you are craving. Lovefood just named the Broadway Diner not only the best diner in Missouri but the best in the entire country.

Known for their classic Reuben sandwich, Lovefood says there is just nothing on the menu you can't go wrong with.

it’s all about comfort food like biscuits in creamy gravy and enormous signature breakfasts like The Stretch, a delicious heap of scrambled eggs with chili, onions, cheese, and hash browns.

The diner has both breakfast and lunch menus that will have you trying to make the hard decision on what to order. Inside you will find that that diner is decorated as a classic-style diner with red chairs, colored tabletops, and a very long counter. Almost a 50's style diner video to the inside.

I think this website needs to visit the Becky Thatcher Diner in Hannibal. Everything on the menu is delicious, the food and service are amazing, and the decor inside is much like the Broadway Diner.

What's your favorite go-to diner you like to visit often?

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