Should billionaires pay for their own stadiums? Or should taxpayers help pay for stadiums in order to keep a team in a certain location? Missouri lawmakers are considering a sales tax to keep a certain pro franchise in a certain county in it the right thing to do?

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The two most common debates in sports are "Who's the GOAT?" and "Should billionaires pay for their own stadiums?" First off, Michael Jordan is the GOAT, and the second's complicated. According to Fox 4 KC, lawmakers are considering a sales tax increase to help pay for a new stadium to keep the Kansas City Royals in Jackson County. In an article on their site, they say...

" Jackson County Legislator Manny Abarca says County Executive Frank White’s office has been exploring other avenues to fund the stadiums that the Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs will play in in the future...Abarca said he wants more information before he’d vote on approving a 3/8th-cent sales tax extension to go on the ballot for every Jackson County resident to vote on."

The article goes on to say that if the tax is passed the funds would go to the building of a new stadium, to read more click here!

So which side of the argument do you support?

IF you say "Billionaires should pay for their own stadiums" then just know that may lead to the billionaire picking up and leaving as the owner of the Rams did to St. Louis...

IF you want to guarantee your team won't leave the best thing you can do for the team is to help them pay for their new home with taxpayer money. But even then other towns and cities can offer more discounts or incentives to try and entice your team to move there. It is a tricky situation and one that Jackson County finds itself in with not one but two franchises.

Should the Royals and Chiefs move to downtown Kansas City, or should they stay out in Eastern Jackson County?

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