I have only been pulled over a handful of times, but for those of you that have a few more stops do you know the law when it comes to rolling down your car window?

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I know when I do get pulled over my heart starts racing, I immediately look at how fast I was going, grab my insurance card, and roll down my window to talk to the office, but do you have to do that?

What is the law when it comes to rolling down your window during a traffic stop?

Well, the answer...legally yes - you should roll your window down the entire what when you are pulled over in Missouri. This makes it easier for the officer to get your information and hopefully, it doesn't end in a ticket for you. According to kcroadlawyers.com

The officer is trained to anticipate a person exiting the vehicle without instruction is either going to fight or flee the scene. Roll your window down, turn the radio off, turn the engine off and refrain from talking/texting on mobile devices.

Just remember to use your manners, be polite to the officer, don't be rude or use foul language, and maybe just maybe if you follow these simple rules you might get away with a warning instead of a ticket.

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Just do the right thing and know you know that it's the law you HAVE TO roll your window all the way down but it probably is a good idea to just follow the instructions of the officer to make the stop-go fast and easy so you both can be on your way.

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