Sometimes you just need to get in the car and drive to get away from it all. Well, there are two Missouri highways that were just named the best to take a weekend road trip.

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Weekend road trips are becoming more and more popular for families who maybe can't afford an expensive vacation but just want to get away for a few days. Gunther Motor Company put together a list of the best highways to take for a weekend getaway and one of those highways leads you to Hannibal.

Surprise, it's not Route 66! At #13, the Joplin to Cape Girardeau via U.S. Route 71 and Interstate 55 is known to be scenic and just fun to drive. Not far behind at #15 Springfield to Hannibal via U.S. Route 60 and 61. Kind of cool to have Hannibal recognized on this list for a weekend road trip.

Which U.S. Road is the Best?

If you are ever in New York and close to Niagara Falls take the NYC to Niagara Falls route on Interstate 87 and 90. I've been to the falls and that itself is the most beautiful thing you will ever see, but I am sure driving there is also beautiful.

I am shocked that Route 66 is not the "best for a weekend trip," but this route gets so much recognition maybe these experts wanted to highlight other scenic road trips. I would also put on this list the Route from Hannibal to Branson with those amazing mountain views as you get closer to the southern part of Missouri, it really is something to see.

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