You have seen on these pages recently pictures and videos of places where you can find lots of snakes at one location. But, with all due respect to our friends in southern Illinois, we have found a place where you have never seen so many snakes in one place. In. Your. Life.

The area around Narcisse, Manitoba, Canada, is not much to look at. The landscape is basically a little topsoil on top of limestone with small caves underneath.

And, it's cold, even for Canada.

The reason so many tourists flock to Narcisse each spring is to see over 70,000 Canadian Red Sided Garter Snakes emerge from their winter hibernation.

Experts say it is likely the biggest concentration of snakes in the world.


And, when that many snakes wake up in the spring from a long winter's nap, the males have just one thing on their mind ... and it ain't baseball.

Oh, and did we mention ... there are about 100 male snakes for every female.

The result is what is known as a garter snake mating ball, which has to be seen to be believed.


I'm told that these mating balls are not snake orgies. The males are trying to harass the female, getting her to let her guard down ... if you know what I mean.

And, just so you know, garter snakes in general are no danger to humans. The only problems they present is to the outnumbered females.

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