My favorite adjective is "weird". Yes, the word "weird". That's probably why I'm so amused with a declaration made about the weirdest town name in Missouri which as it turns out is a monster. Really.

This weirdest town name in a state thing was not my idea. I saw it on an article from a couple years ago on Apartment Therapy. For some people, that's not new, but it's new to me.

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They shared a map created by Estately which shows some real doozies. Missouri and Illinois are especially entertaining.

Infographic, Estately
Infographic, Estately

Welcome to the lovely community of Frankenstein, Missouri. It's about 12 miles east of Jefferson City. Before you jump to the conclusion that the town was named after a monster, I can prove that's not true. The movie Frankenstein came out in 1931 while Frankenstein, Missouri (or at least the post office was) established in 1893 according to Wikipedia. Yes, I am aware bookworms that the novel by Mary Shelley was published in 1818, but there was a pioneer in Frankenstein, Missouri named Godfried Franken. I really should have paid attention in school more than I did.

Somewhat related note: I'm related to just about all of the Frankenbach family members in the Palmyra and Monroe City areas.

Honorary mention for weird town names goes to Chicken Bristle, Illinois which really is an actual jurisdiction.

I'd like to add that I think Toad Suck, Arkansas is the least weird thing about that state. Oh, and I'm never ever vacationing alone in West Virginia.

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