It's hard to go wrong with fudge of any kind, but there is one small historic shop in Missouri that the internet claims is the most amazing in the state. Is that true? I believe this calls for an in-depth chocolate investigation.

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This subject came up in the office thanks to a new article by Only In Your State that claims the Old Village Mercantile in Caledonia, Missouri has "the most amazing homemade fudge you'll ever try". (Their words, not mine) Let's see what they have to offer.

I was getting some serious Willy Wonka vibes from seeing all that chocolate and candy. That's obviously a video that they had created. So, what about a regular YouTube travel channel? As luck would have it, there was one that adventured by this Missouri place recently and shared their candy/fudge experience.

No offense intended to the Old Village Mercantile, but I've always been convinced that Chocolaterie Stam in Hannibal was hard to beat on the candy and fudge front. I've never stopped in Caledonia, Missouri to try the Old Village Mercantile creations so maybe that will be on a bucket to-do list at some point.

Saying you have the best fudge is a mighty big claim. You can check them out next time you're in their part of Missouri and decide for yourself if that title of best homemade fudge is deserved or not.

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