Step into a house built in 1889 in Missouri that brings you right back to that era.

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The house is located in St. Louis, Missouri has 4-bedrooms and 3-bathrooms, and is about 3,500 square feet. Yes, the house has been updated on modernized, but there are so many features that are ordinal to the house that make it so unique. The doorknobs m the beautiful stained glass, the hardwood throughout the house, and even the hinges to doors are all original to the house. The staircase is all handcrafted and originally to the house as well.

If you've ever been in a Victorian house it will have very high ceilings, fireplaces, and smaller rooms which is what this house has. That is one thing I notice when my family and I were looking for a new home, the older homes seemed extremely small and you almost felt like sardines, and if you're a growing family that would just not work. even a family with young children, you just need more space nowadays than we did back then I guess.

The fireplace has so much detail it's really stunning to look at. Another feature to the house that is original is the pocket doors which were very common in the 1890s when houses were being built. One of the really unique features of the house is the banister, the way the wood bends is very usual when building a banister. The current owner describes the house as grand, but not cozy and I get that. It's just a little too tight for a big family, but still, gorgeous to look at.

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