You may have noticed that the audio quality on KHMO has not been what you're used to. In case you're wondering what happened, I'll let our Engineer Gary Glaenzer begin the story:

"For those of you wondering 'What happened ?' Thursday morning, let me tell you that up till about 7:25 you were not alone. All the way from home in Jacksonville, IL I wondered what killed the program feed from 119 N 3rd to out on Route O. Harold and I set up an alternate feed (complete with background hiss) and got AT&T on the problem. Diagnosis was that an amplifier card in the Central Office on Broadway had given up the ghost about 5:20 AM. It took until about 11:30 Friday to procure a replacement and we were back to our regular feed about 12:30. "

After the new card was installed, the audio levels still weren't where they should be. Gary made more adjustments Friday night. AT&T will make the final adjustments today. We appreciate your concern and your patience.