If you like to explore abandoned places this road map will take you to some of the best in Illinois.

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In total the trip from start to finish is a little over 12 hours it seems you could do this in a day, but might not give you much time to explore. Onlyinyourstate.com put together the list that takes you from the Devil's Gate in Libertyville to the Hickory Hill Plantation in Equality, Illinois.

The 681-mile trip also stops at Damen Silos (McKinley Park), Axemans's Bridge (Crete), Mantena State Hospital (Manteno), Peoria State Hospital (Bartonville), Vishnu Springs (Colchester), and Ashmore Estate (Ashmore). Each location brings a unique story and history to the place.

Ashmore Estate for me is probably the creepiest and most haunted place that I have learned about. The history of the home is pretty interesting with documented deaths in the house, some from a house fire, and one maintenance worker that was hit by a train, brought back to the house where he died. The worker has been seen, heard, and felt by several paranormal teams that have investigated the house, especially women.

Any band]oned hospital just gives me the creeps and as much as I love writing about these places, I am not sure I would visit let alone investigate for ghosts.

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