It doesn't take much to entertain the internet. If you doubt my words, check out an Illinois Bassett Hound that powered through a huge puddle using just his ears which has resulted in thousands upon thousands of internet views.

Breaking news: Bassett Hounds have big ears. Yes, that's sarcasm. The internet seems to not know this as they are mightily impressed with this hounds ability to fly majestically through the water using his ears as additional propulsion power. Sarcasm again. By the way, this dog's name is Cooper and this happened in Grafton, Illinois.

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You think I'm kidding about the internet believing Cooper has magic ears? Here are some comments to prove the point:

KilleRedX - "It's not his legs that made him move, it's his ears that made him fly."

Beckoning Chasm - "At the right angle, it looks like his ears could help paddle."

ed eddeh - "The butterfly technique employed here shows years of mastery"

Senna Taylor - "I like how his ears are propelling him forward"

Told ya. What should be just a cute dog video has become the physics of big Bassett Hound ears and water. (*shaking my head*)

I love dogs and have had 4 as pets in my lifetime so this is not a big anti-cute-dog rant. I suppose I should be happy that the internet isn't obsessed with something more sordid. Congrats to Cooper and a high-five (hand to paw?) on your 15 minutes of internet fame.

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