The Quincy Exchange Club just concluded the annual Gus Macker Basketball tournament for the 22nd consecutive year. That’s right, 22 straight years this city has reaped the rewards of having thousands of people come to the downtown area during the Memorial Day holiday weekend. That means for 22 years, the members of the Exchange Club have donated two days of their holiday weekend to making sure this basketball event continues. While others are with their families over the holiday, club members are working the event to ensure its success. Yes, team totals were down a little but nearly 500 teams participated this past weekend. The club makes money from the event to be used for scholarships to children’s and veterans’ activities in the area. All of the money goes right back into the community. Plus other organizations are involved in fundraising as a part of Gus Macker as well. The Exchange Club has in recent years tried to make the Macker even more of an family event than ever. As a long time member of the Exchange Club, I would like to thank all of the other members for making this an event that thousands look forward to each and every year. Yes it takes a lot of planning and a lot of time as well but that’s what the Exchange Club is all about. On behalf of this year’s co-chairmen, Mel Dillman and Curt Moore, I would like to thank everyone for participating and watching the 22nd Annual Gus Macker Basketball Tournament.