I didn't know this was such a big secret, but I did grow up in Hannibal. Lover's Leap has just been declared one of the most beautiful locations in Missouri that most people don't know about.

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I realize this is probably not a big deal to many, but I think it's great that Only In Your State just named Lover's Leap as one of their "7 Beautiful Missouri Locations You Probably Didn't Know Existed". Specifically they called out Lover's Leap saying "Missouri's known for its gorgeous, sweeping views, and you can drink in some of the best at Lover's Leap. It boasts stunning views of the charming town of Hannibal."

I think much of the hubbub about Lover's Leap being considered an underrated destination is because of the story behind how it got its name as shared by Only In Your State. Is the legend of the Indian brave and his princess true? Well, someone named it what they did for a reason. Draw your own conclusions.

Side Note: if you're wondering why there are locks on the fence surrounding Lover's Leap, we might know a thing or two about that also. Lots of couples are putting locks on the fence and throwing away the keys. Ah, romance.

It's interesting that the article mentions places few people know about and now...well, they'll know about it thanks to the article that's now getting national attention. Ironic.

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