Hannibal Police Chief Lyndell Davis unveils new technology at Tuesday night's City Council meeting.

After Jeff Arp of MIRMA presented Mayor Hark a plaque representing a check for over $5,000, Chief Davis and Sergeant DeLaPorte demonstrated the new wearable mini-cameras for HPD officers.

Two cameras were field tested, and officers voted for the smaller one that is only about the size of a computer thumb drive, easily clipped onto a pocket or tie. The smaller camera is also more cost-effective, with a price tag of $100 vs. the $800 price of the larger model that is about the size of a smart phone.

Davis says keeping the price down will enable more cameras to be distributed to officers, detectives, and possibly even animal control officers. The cameras have about a two-hour recording time and the audio and video will be valuable for evidence and post-incident review.