Churchs can be beautiful no matter how big or small. However, there is just something about looking through an abandoned church and wondering what it used to look like.

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That's exactly what happened to a couple of explorers when they found an abandoned church in Northern Illinois. You can see from the video that the church pers are slated, that's because the floor of the church s starting to cave in. You can see that it's been abandoned for a few years. The walls are starting to come down, the ceiling is falling apart, but the strange thing is that there are Bibles and what likes like a Christmas just left behind. It seems that they had a Christmas Service and just left for good.

Even the church pews are all there. Just imagine what this church looked like when it was in its prime will all the flowers, and stained glass, and people enjoying this place. It's almost like they had a service one day and then just locked the days and left, no one really knows exactly the story behind the church, but to look through what was is still pretty amazing.

Illinois Church Left Abandoned with Everything Inside

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