How do you like your ham and beans?

Once a month, the American Legion in the town where I live hosts a ham and bean dinner. In observing those around me, and in discussions with others along the way, I've learned that everybody has their own way to "doctor" their ham and beans. And, when somebody else observes what you add to yours, their response is usually some variation of, "Ewww!" or the more diplomatic, "Hmm ... interesting." Last night, of those around me, one added butter, another added copious amounts of salt and especially pepper, along with crumbling up a piece of cornbread in the beans. Others will add some combination of vinegar, onions, ketchup, mustard, horseradish, etc.

My wife is a horseradish person. I prefer onions, ketchup and crumbled cornbread myself.

Hmm ... interesting.