When I was growing up, I was big into comic books and baseball cards.

But not just comic books. I'm talking Superman comic books, along with Superboy, Supergirl, and Action Comics. This was when you could get a comic book for 12 cents. I had stacks of them. I don't remember what happened to them. I suppose they got thrown away at some point. I look at the prices vintage comic books are bringing these days, and I heave a heavy a sigh.

As for baseball cards, that fascination came in high school, when I had my own money to buy the Topps Bubble Gum cards. I wound up with a couple of shoe boxes full of them. After I left home and went to work, I reached a point when I figured I was too grown up for that sort of thing, and I think I put them in a yard sale and got maybe ten bucks for all of them.

Several years, there was an item in the news about the price a Nolan Ryan rookie card brought. I saw a picture of the card, and it was issued during the same time I was collecting. I don't know if I had a Nolan Ryan rookie card.

But I could have.

Another sigh.