There are some really hard cities in Illinois to pronounce, but Boody Illinois is probably the most awkward to say.

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How would you like to answer the question where are you from say Boody, Illinois? Well, for about 300 people they have to. Boody landed on a list done by Travel A lot as being one of the 30 Most Awkwardly Named Cities in the World. Trust me, this is one of the easiest cities to say, some of them are pretty bad and I would think the city council would want to change the name of the city  (if they could).

Awkwardly Named Cities/Towns

There were some that I couldn't use since it was NSFW, but if you want to laugh a little you can see the complete list. I think we got pretty lucky with Quincy, Hannibal, and the other surrounding towns and cities close to us. Thank goodness.

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