To put on a Veteran's Parade is one thing but to get a B-25 Bomber fly over during the parade is another.

Photo by Joe Piccorossi/USAF/Getty Images

Hats off to Jim Ponsot and Dick McKinney, the parade chairmen, and their parade committee for pulling this off.

Not only were they successful in getting this done but they have done it in the past as well. The process of getting aircraft, either military or not, to fly over a parade is  tedious. The paperwork will overwhelm you. Especially the military requests which need to go through the chain of command. That chain consists of several people and the hope is that the paperwork doesn't bog down and sit on someone's desk.

To secure the B-25, the committee needed $2000 make it happen. They had $1000 in their coffers and set out a plea for donations to cover the rest. As time grew near it became apparent they would not be able to reach their goal.

It was then that the Quincy Exchange Club stepped up and offered to make up any difference they needed to make this happen. The Exchange Club already donated to the committee to offset other costs of the parade but when this request was made, the Exchange Club unanimously agreed to do it.

So if you made a donation individually or are a member of the Quincy Exchange Club, when you see that fabulous B-25 aircraft fly over Maine Street tomorrow morning, be proud of the fact that you made that happen for all to see including our Veterans