I've heard of break-ins of Quincy apartments, but this is a new one. There is a report that invaders did intrude on some Quincy residents living spaces today and they were...raccoons?

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One of my favorite Facebook follows is WCIL Scanner Radio and updates like this today are why.

I want the residents there know that I'm here to help so I've compiled a list of things to do if you encounter a raccoon with some help from The Spruce.

1. Ask the raccoon if he comes in peace or has ulterior motives. If he/she/it doesn't answer, proceed to step #2.

2. Wave your arms and make yourself look larger than you might otherwise appear. If that doesn't work, proceed to step #3.

3. Call the police and ask if they get involved in raccoon issues. If they say no, proceed to step #4.

4. Leave the apartment and let WCIL Scanner Radio know so everyone can laugh about this on Facebook.

See. That wasn't hard. Raccoon thefts are on the rise in 2022 and this is just more proof.

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