Imagine if this had happened in the middle of an actual soccer match. Video shows the moment when a soccer field suddenly had a sinkhole open up right in the middle of it.

This crazy video was shared by Alton Parks and Recreation in Illinois with 6abc Philadelphia who shared it on YouTube. Watch what happens right in the middle.

I checked the Alton Parks and Recreation Facebook page and they just shared an update on their work to fix this sudden "pitfall" in the middle of their field.

Those cancellations are understandable considering the fact that the field just fell into the middle of the Earth. Yes, a little bit of an exaggeration, but not really either.

KSDK in St. Louis shared drone video of the big soccer field hole.

How do sinkholes like this one in Illinois happen?

The United States Geological Society explains that there are a multitude of possibilities. The simple answer is the Earth below can't support what's on the Earth above. Sudden changes in ground water amounts and the instability of the ground in that area can explain some sudden sinkholes and the fact that Alton isn't far from the river might also be a factor.

We live in an exciting part of America where suddenly the ground beneath you may not be there without much warning.

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