If you remember back in May, I reported on losing a member of the Smith family, as our 15 year old poodle, Rev, died. When our other poodle died two years ago, we waited six months before welcoming our ADHD poodle, Frosty. So, I kinda figured we would wait a little while longer before we brought another puppy into the house.

That said, my wife learned from a coworker that she had an 11 week old female shitzu-cocker spaniel mix for sale. Friday night, we made the trip to meet this little one. My wife is really the "dog person" in the family, and her sign that a puppy belongs with us is when she lays the pup on her chest and it looks up and licks her chin. And she did.

The "fun" part, of course, was Friday night when we got home and the time came for introductions. To say Frosty and Bugsy, our 12 year old dachshund, were unimpressed would be an understatement. Hostile would be a better word. But, they settled down enough make it through the night. And the weekend was spent with everybody getting used to the new normal.

By the way, we named our newest addition Abby -- and if you know us, you know our favorite TV show is NCIS, so I don't have to explain.

If you have you're own new puppy story, feel free to share.