Coming in 2023 the Kansas City Zoo will bring their visitors an aquarium you've never seen before in the midwest.

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The aquarium will have six zones the warm coastline, warm shallows, warm reef, open ocean, cold shallows, and cold coastline. As you follow the zones you will walk through and learn about the sorry of the ocean currents connecting animals across the globe.

We don't get to see the ocean or the species that live in the ocean at all in the midwest and this new aquarium will bring the ocean to the midwest.

Zoo visitors will enjoy an up-close and personal experience, beginning at the warm-water shore habitat and traveling “deeper” through mangrove forests, sandy shores, tropical lagoons, and coral reefs.

The KC Zoo is not free you do have to pay to get in, but the good news is that when the aquarium opened next year admission to the aquarium will be included in your entry ticket into the zoo. You will not have to pay extra to experience this one-of-a-kind aquarium. There is no exact date on when the aquarium will open, but I am excited to visit the KC Zoo next year.

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