There are a number of major tourist-friendly events in the area this weekend. One of them is the 27th annual Pike County, Illinois Fall Color Drive.

No less than 19 different cities, towns, villages and wide-spots-in-the-road in Pike County will have vendors, food, music and other activities going on all day Saturday and Sunday, October 17 and 18.

From Hull, Kinderhook, New Canton and Barry in the west to Rockport, Pleasant Hill, Nebo, Pearl and Milton in the south to Griggsville, Fishhook and Perry in the north to Pittsfield, Time, El Dara, Detroit, New Hartford, Summer Hill and Baylis, the sights, sounds and aromas of the fall will be in abundance.

All of that, along with the fall scenery, makes the Fall Color Drive a required destination this weekend.

For maps and schedules, you can go to

Another way to keep up on the happenings in Pike County Saturday and Sunday is to tune in to 97.5 FM, as the Pittsfield Rotary Club partners with WBBA-FM Radio with day-long updates both days.