Nearly 3 decades ago, a serial killer claimed victims along the I-70 corridor beginning in Indiana and ending in Missouri. Sadly, the killer was never identified or captured, but there's a new effort to solve all those murders.

If you don't remember and/or aren't familiar with the I-70 serial killer, the Wikipedia page for that awful killing spree mentions 6 known and possibly as many as 8 murders along I-70 began on April 8, 1992. All the victims were killed with a .22 caliber weapon.

I saw this subject shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit page. I highly recommend you watch a new series that KMOV St. Louis has shared. It's called Chasing the I-70 Killer and it's a compelling look at what happened in 1992 and how new technology is being utilized that will hopefully bring this person to justice.

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In early November, KMOV mentions in their video series that the FBI and several law enforcement agencies met in St. Charles, Missouri to reignite efforts to use new tools to identify and hopefully capture the person responsible.

There's also the hope that technology including social media can take advantage of getting new leads and information to police faster. They are actively asking for the public's help in finally solving what cold-blooded killer took those lives in 1992.

They're asking that tips and information be sent to the St. Charles Police Department via an 800 number. The I-70 killer tip-line is 1-800-800-3510.

Many believe that the killings didn't stop in 1992 and there could be even more victims. The person who is responsible must face justice if only for the families of the victims can perhaps have some closure on this tragic summer along I-70 nearly 30 years ago.

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