(HANNIBAL)—Republican US Senate Candidate Todd Akin’s campaign visited Hannibal Wednesday afternoon. Akin was asked about a recent story in the St. Louis Post Dispatch reviewing his role and resulting arrests from anti abortion protests in early 1985.

I've always stood up for what I believe, but the thing that really amazes me is this is more of what I told people in the debate. We're going to have the old magician, 'watch this hand while the other hand goes in the pocket.'

Akin followed by pointing out issues around the McCaskill camp:

Or are we going to talk about the fact that there is a lawsuit right now for sexual harassment in Claire McCaskill's family business? Are we going to talk about $39 billion that has been taken in government money - no transparency, as she promised - which goes directly to her family business? Are we going to ask any questions about that? How about the news that's breaking that in the senate dining room they were discussing the passing out of these millions of dollars?

Akin then shifted his focus in comments to the media:

We need to realize the federal government is out of control, our spending is out of control, we've got to throttle it back, get the private sector going, and we basically have to energize that spirit that's inside Americans; that's not too far from the surface.