When Should You Put Up Your Christmas Tree?
This is kind of weird, I admit it, but I was actually thinking about putting up my Christmas tree before Halloween. I didn't put the tree up, but I was thinking about it. Now that November is here, the time has fallen back, and we've all had some turkey, we can start looking ahead to the f…
The Cost of a Thanksgiving Meal in Missouri
Good news for Missouri shoppers. The price of a Thanksgiving meal is not going up very much in 2015. The American Farm Bureau Federation says that the price for most items used to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal will be very similar to 2014 prices.
Black Friday is a Busy Day for Plumbers
This strikes me as very funny. Not only is Black Friday the busiest shopping day of the year, but it also turns out that it is one of the busiest days of the year for plumbers. Who would have thought that plumbing problems would be on the rise the day following the biggest pig-out of the year?
You May Talk Turkey But Do You Know It?
As we prepare to sit down and devour our Thanksgiving turkey meal I wonder just how much people know about the turkey itself. With that in mind I present ten turkey questions and answers. See how well you do and then ask these questions around the dinner table tomorrow.

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