Only one town in Illinois made the list for "Best places to Live for Families" and it is not Chicago OR one of the suburbs, wo which town is it...?

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When you think of great towns in the state of Illinois to live in if you have a family Peoria doesn't jump to the front of my mind, BUT according to the people at it is actually one of the 25 Best Places to Live for Families in the United States. Peoria is ranked 24th on their list, and it is the only town from the state of Illinois on the list. They also have Peoria ranked as the 87th best place in the country to live regardless of family status. In the list when talking about Peoria they say...

"Located in the center of the state along the Illinois River, Peoria may be on your radar more if you’re looking for a small Midwestern metro area to work in health care or agricultural tech or manufacturing. A big plus to living in Peoria is the low cost of living: Peoria is the 11th-most affordable place to live out of the 150 metro areas on the Best Places to Live list."


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To be honest I was shocked to see Peoria on this list... My view of Peoria has always been slightly negative from people I know who have lived there or spent real time there. But if the housing is that affordable and the average salary being over $50K a year maybe it is a great place to raise a family. Which town in Illinois do YOU think is the best to raise a family in?

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