Hannibal had its wettest month in two years in June.

The Filter Plant reported a total of 13.37 inches of rain fell in Hannibal last month. That’s nearly ten inches more than the average June.

That’s the most rain recorded at the filter plant since May of 2013 when 12.42 inches of rain fell.

The rainiest days in June were the 24th when 2.06 inches of rain was recorded, followed by 1.58 inches on the 20th and 1.09 inches on the 15th.

There were 17 days in June in which measurable precipitation fell at the filter plant, including every day from June 11th to the 18th.

The heavy rainfall here and upriver resulted in a dramatic rise in the Mississippi River in June, with levels going from 13.22 feet in June 3rd to a crest of 23.67 on the 28th.