Is going to work the worst part of your day? You're not alone. Statistically, those of us living in Illinois are not happy at work.

Work is a big part of your life.

For some people, work is just a way to make money, and for others it's a place to escape the stress of your home life and be more creative... but either way, it's the bulk of your day, so you should want to be happy.

But you might not be.

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According to a new study from, those of us in Illinois are not very happy at work. Of all 50 states in the country, Illinois is the fifth unhappiness.

That's not a list you want to be on. 

California tops the list with a zero percent happiness score, that's pretty horrible. We're doing a bit better at 38.14 percent happy.

Wisconsin however, is doing a LOT better, our neighbors to the North as 83.46 percent happy at work, that's huge!

What State is the Happiest At Work?

If you're curious, Maryland tops the list with 100 percent happiness, so maybe you want to move there.

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The study is trying to help us though. In addition to ranking the states, we're also learning what does make employees happy.

No shock at all, we'd all be happier with more money and better benefits. We'd also like to trade in our managers for someone else and more mental health days.

How happy are you at work?

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