When it was first built, the only vehicles were wagons and early cars. Now, this Missouri swinging bridge has been deemed too dangerous to cross, but there are efforts to save it.

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This historic bridge near Brumley, Missouri was constructed in 1931 and was considered an engineering marvel at the time when it was erected. Many would travel to it as recent as a couple years ago to walk across this epic expanse. It was mentioned frequently by national websites as a "must-visit" Missouri place.

As Lake Expo reported last year, major structural problems were found in the Swinging Bridge and it was closed to the public. As many reviewers on Trip Advisor mentioned, this resulted in big disappointments for those that traveled there to experience it only to find concrete barriers blocking both sides of the bridge.

All is not lost however as there are non-profit groups that have risen up to try and save the Swinging Bridge. The last official report I saw on the effort stated that engineers were studying what it would take to make the bridge safe again. I saw one comment on YouTube saying there were going to be repairs made, but I can't confirm that.

Many go there now with drones to capture vantage points of what remains of this historic Missouri bridge. Hopefully it will be restored to its former glory so many can walk across it again and relive an era long since gone.

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