He was a friend to so many on the radio for years in the tri-state area and now he could use your help. Friends and family of Quincy, Illinois radio legend Dennis Oliver are working to find a place where he can be cared for full-time.

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If you've listened to radio in the tri-state area anytime during the past 50 years, you no doubt have heard of and likely listened to Dennis Oliver. His joyous personality brightened lives in the Hannibal, Missouri/Quincy, Illinois area from his time on KQ102, 99Q, KRRR and Y101 before his retirement due to health issues a few years ago.

Dennis was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease several years ago and his condition continues to require more and more care. Dennis is Kyle Bocke's step-dad who has started a GoFundMe page in an effort to help find a full-time nursing home for Dennis. Here's a snippet of what Kyle shared on the GoFundMe page about what they're trying to do:

Hello everyone, My name is Kyle Bocke and I am raising funds to help my step dad Dennis Oliver get into a nursing home. Dennis was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s years back and has been living at home. Dennis can no longer take care of himself and needs to be with a full time staff. My mother Lori Oliver has been taking care of him and working full time. It’s got to the point where’s it’s just to hard for her and other family members to watch him. We are currently looking for places to take him and would really appreciate any donations we can get to help get it started.

Of all the people I've been blessed to know over the years, none is kinder than Dennis Oliver. If you have a heart to help, please get more information on the GoFundMe page. It's time for everyone to be there for a man who was there for so many in person and on the radio.

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