You never know when a gift can become something more than you ever expected. That was the situation for a Missouri woman who was gifted a shipping container. That gift eventually became her home and she shared the story of how it happened.

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I saw the story of Natalie Henry on Vimeo. She lives in Springfield, Missouri and said that she became interested in shipping container homes years ago, but never really did anything with the idea. That was until she was given a container and that's when her journey began from a gift to a place she could call home.

Natalie Henry Testimonial from Custom Container Living, Inc. on Vimeo.

I did some digging into the Custom Container Living company she worked with in Missouri and found out they have quite a few options on what someone can do with differing numbers of containers and layouts depending on what kind of land they have to put it on.

Custom Container Living - Luxury 4 ALL Floor Plan from Custom Container Living, Inc. on Vimeo.

The word is that homes like this are more affordable than conventional homes. I'm not sure about if that's accurate and I know not everyone is a fan of container homes, but this woman's story is interesting. I know how hard it's been for my family to find housing over the years and this could very well be an option that might help someone. The official website for the company Natalie worked with might have more information if this is something you think is worth exploring.

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