I didn't really know anything about UFO's until that famous movie scene where Richard Dreyfuss saw one in his truck. A similar thing just happened as a Missouri driver just had...something seem to chase them down the highway and they have the video to prove it.

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Justin Lindsey just dropped this video which was captured on December 21, 2022 based on the time share on YouTube. He and another guy were in a vehicle traveling down a highway in Missouri when he captured phone video of something that seemed to be chasing them. What's odd is that the object seems to move from one side of the vehicle to the other multiple times.

It looks like there are age restrictions on his video share, so you'll need to watch it directly on YouTube.

This is a still from the video share showing at least 3 different lights on whatever this is.

Justin Lindsey via YouTube
Justin Lindsey via YouTube

He estimated they were traveling at at least full speed limit down the highway and the object seemed to have no trouble staying right above them. Could it have been a plane with beacons? Sure. But, have you ever seen a plane move that quickly from one side to another? I haven't.

Why would a plane care about mirroring a car driving down the highway anyway? I can't think of a good reason. Whatever it is, it stayed near them and that encounter would have me questioning what it is what are its intentions? Night stalker in the sky? No thanks.

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