I'm not sure this is much of a secret, but I would agree with many who say they've discovered Missouri's best swimming hole. At the very least, it has to be near the top of the water fun list.

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If you went to school at Rolla, you almost certainly know this place by heart. If not, you might want to do some research into what is called by locals "The Fugitive Beach". The phrase "best secret Missouri swimming hole" has been uttered, but I'm not sure it's that secret since Only In Your State did a feature on it a couple years ago. It also has its own official website, so the "secret" is officially out.

What's so special about The Fugitive Beach near Rolla, Missouri?

Water slide? Yep. Big ole quarry that is now a swimming hole? Check that box. Oh, and there's cliff jumping, too. Gravity is defied here.

I've seen more than one YouTuber talking about how they discovered a "secret beach". Judging by the number of people there, the secret part is debatable.

It's worth noting that The Fugitive Beach is an actual water park and isn't free. But, tickets are really affordable with adult passes going for around 15 bucks while kids are 12. Considering all the water options at this Rolla, Missouri place, that's not bad at all.

Once again, I really can't say this beach is secret, but I can say that it does look like a truly epic Missouri water option. You can check out the Fugitive Beach website for yourself for more details and specifics.

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