There are some Illinois snakes that can do you real harm. This isn't one of them even though he pretends he's a big and bad Cobra. The truth is he's really a cream puff and I'll prove it.

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According to the video share, this big boy was encountered by 18-year-old Isaiah Lieberenz somewhere in Illinois. Is it a Cobra? Nope. This is an Eastern Hognose Snake. Isaiah wasn't fooled either as he said ""I was excited as that was the species I was looking for. It was puffing up as a defense mechanism."

This snake knows how to puff himself up big time.

The University of Illinois has some interesting background on what makes the Eastern Hognose Snake tick. While you won't see these big boys every day, the map shared shows that there are reports even in west-central Illinois every now and then.

University of Illinois
University of Illinois

They add that the Eastern Hognose Snake "is the “puff adder” or “hissing viper” of folklore". No, they are NOT venomous, but be aware they will release a very foul odor if confronted and they get nervous. They might even play dead if puffing up and stinking don't scare you off. Snake defense mechanisms for the win.

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