It's not easy being a superhero or undead these days. There are reports that among the newly-banned books in Missouri schools you'll find Batman, The X-Men and The Walking Dead.

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CBR reported that the Missouri law banning at least 297 books includes graphic novels featuring Batman, The X-Men and The Walking Dead. Boy, is Norman Reedus gonna be ticked about this.

This action is in response to Missouri's Senate Bill 775. According to Spectrum News, Missouri is now 9th among states for the number of books they've banned.

What's the problem with Batman, The X-Men and The Walking Dead?

The bill makes it a misdemeanor to make available "novels that contain "sexual conduct" to students. Sorry, Batman. No love life for you caped crusader.

Let's be clear that this enforcement doesn't necessarily mean all Missouri school districts have been included. The CBR article says specifically that Batman, The X-Men and The Walking Dead "have been banned from at least 11 Missouri school districts".

If you'd like to look at the full list of banned books, you can view it online. It's an interesting read as to what students now are not allowed to least in school as it's not a big secret that all of the above will still be viewed by whoever wants to when they're not under the watchful eye of the Missouri legislature.

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