When it comes to snacking I have the go-to snacks that I just have to have, but which chip brand do Missourians tend to favor the most?

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Snacks are king in my house, there is always something to snack on from pretzels to cookies and even chips. According to Taste of Home, they put together a list of the most popular chips in every state, and when it comes to Missouri the "chips" they picked aren't even considered chips. So what're the go-to chips Missourians crave the most?


Which, don't get me wrong I love Pringles, but they are not even considered chips because they are not made from potatoes.

To make their uniform design, Pringles uses a special recipe, which doesn’t actually include potatoes. Instead, they’re made with something called “dehydrated processed potato.” They also contain corn, rice, and wheat.

Technically, I think this map needs to be updated and leave Pringles off (but they are so good). I always wondered why you just can't eat one, maybe because they are just made differently so you don't feel guilty when you devour the whole can. The map shows that Pringles dominate the chip of choice for most states.


Whatever you're go-to chips are to have around I don't think you can go wrong with any of the favorites on the map.

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