I love Sam's Club. The deals you get on bulk items like food, everyday items like laundry detergent, and heck, I've even bought clothes out there. So when I heard of the changes coming to Plus Card Memberships I was a little disappointed.

We hit up Sam's Club every week to get items needed for our family and because of that we are Plus Club Members, but if you are also a Plus card member some big changes are coming next month.

Sam's Club Plus Member Changes

Starting August 19th, Sam's Club Plus members are losing the free shipping on items. Members will only get free shipping on certain items and when you spend the $50 limit then you will get free shipping. If you order through the website or app and don't reach that $50 minimum for free shipping you will be charged a flat fee of $8 for shipping.

We've ordered a few things online since it wasn't available in the store, but have been lucky for the most part to get everything we need at the store.

So Why The Change?

The Walmart-owned company explained this will give their members more options for products families may need.

By adding a cart minimum, we are increasing access to different ways of shopping for our members. This will make it easier for you to get the products you want, the way and at the time you want.

Does this stink? Yes and no. Most big items are over $50 anyway so I don't see this as a negative, I see this as shipping rates are increasing and you are going to see more companies add a minimum item balance before you get free shipping. Sam's Club is just the first out of the gate to do this.

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