The million-dollar question. New York or Chicago, who has the better pizza? Well, the New York Times says there are 2 pizzerias in Illinois you have to visit.

Pizza is that one food I feel that you can't make wrong. No matter if you get a slice at a gas station or a restaurant, we all have that one place that office (what we think) is the best for pizza.

The New York Times looked across the country for where to get a good slice of pizza and two Illinois restaurants mane the list. They say Scratch Brewing is one of the places to get a good pizza.

The crusts are made with the same sourdough culture used to ferment the excellent bread and most of the beers. The ingredients for the pizza are largely local (same goes for the beer), much of it grown or foraged by the co-owners.

I feel like you can't have the best pizza place without at least one Chicago restaurant making the list. Bungalow by Middle Brow takes that spot.

 The crusts are fragrant and flavorful, with sturdy undercarriages, and the Neapolitan pizzas are always memorable.

The one thing I love about this list is that both pizza places are breweries that serve food and not necessarily a restaurants. So, you just never know when you try a new brewery for fun you may find your next favorite place to grab a bite to eat.

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