One crossing guard in Independence Missouri is getting praise for her dedication to making sure children cross the street safe and sound.

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87-year-old Sandar Bellow works for the Independence School District in Missouri, and according to Good Morning America, she always has a smile on her face. Well, after 55 years of making sure kids get to school safely, Sandra is finally retiring and hanging up her stop sign.

Sandra was greeted this week by former students whom she helped at school and had lots of hugs and tears. She started her crossing guard duties in 1968 and has loved every second of it. So, to all those local crossing guards who make sure our kids get to school safely thank you. I see you every day smiling and wishing the kids either a good morning or a great day at school, and goodbye see you tomorrow after school. You are valued by many parents, including this one, and I thank you so much.

You will find many crossing guards here in the Tri-Staets with smiles on their faces and just loving what they do. It's an awesome site to see. As for Sandra, she plans on sleeping in, swimming, exercising, and walking. Enjoy retirement Sandar, you've earned it!

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