Dogs are indeed a man's best friend and some of you might have received a new pup for the holidays. However, if you thinking of getting a pet the most popular breed in Illinois and Missouri I might help with your decision.

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Missouri named the Rottweiler as Missouri's most popular pet. I feel this breed gets a terrible reputation but if trained and cared for correctly this breed can be a good dog to have.

Not only are Rottweilers adorable, but they're also good boys: Once upon a time, the breed was used by police force for very important work!

Rottweilers can be medium to large-size dogs and were mainly used back in the day for herding livestock. They can also be used as search and rescue dogs, guard dogs, and police dogs.


The most popular breed in Illinois will be the next dog that I think I will have to get. The French Bulldog. How can you not love the face of the French Bulldog? Illinois is not the only state that favors this breed, Florida also loves the French Bulldog. This breed is known to be a companion dog or toy dog and is one of the most popular pets in the United States.


Iowans love the Bichon Frise a Frend lap dog also known as a curly lap dog.

These fluffy folks are actually in the same family as the Maltese and the Havanese, which makes sense when you consider how similar they all look.

I'm surprised that there is no hunting-type breed for Illinois and Missouri. No labs or hound dogs help owners when hunting. As always, make sure you always make sure when thinking about getting a dog whether it's a large dog or a small you want to make sure that the breed is a good fit for you and your family. Check out your local shelters first, there are several puppies and cats looking for homes.

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