Whatever you do, if you come across any of these animals that call Illinois home, you will want to run the other way. I know I will!

There are cuddly and cute animals that I just love to be around and snuggle with, but for these animals that made this list, I will not be doing any cuddling. In fact, if I see any of these I will be running as fast as my legs can take me. Some of these animals on the list I had no idea even lived in Illinois. I will have to keep an eye out for these with all that hiking I do (or lack thereof).

5 of The Most Dangerous Animals Found in Illinois

Just another reason to add to my list of why I will never camp, hike, or do anything that will put me in a position where I would need medical attention for a bite. Nope count me out. Give me a nice, safe, warm, and animal-free hotel (besides dogs) any day. I am just not made to be outdoors. Call me chicken that's fine, but I will just keep using sidewalks and streets to do my walking.

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