A news conference was held at noon today (Monday) at Quincy’s Amtrak Station as a coalition of personnel from five cities along the Amtrak route from Princeton to Quincy were in attendance.

Jeff Dorsey

Among the officials on hand were Senator Roy LaHood, Senator John Sullivan, Macomb Mayor Mike Inman, along with Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore. The coalition has been meeting in the other cities in the past but today was Quincy’s turn. While in Quincy they will be discussing how to publicize each of the cities to enhance ridership along with making people aware of the educational opportunities along the Amtrak route.

When asked the question about expanding the route to the City of Hannibal, the group was very receptive to the idea. They continued by saying the driving force to accomplish that will need to come from the Hannibal group with the hope that the expansion would then continue on to St. Louis.