This is one of those moments when I need to remind myself that people are innocent until proven guilty. But, it's hard not to get angry when you see stories about how almost 200 mistreated dogs were just rescued from an Illinois residence.

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I first saw this sad story shared by Yahoo Life. It's the story of a woman in Sherrard, Illinois who is accused of horrific crimes against animals. Local Today added more details to what is one of the largest animal hoarding cases in Illinois history. According to their report, the accused is 59-year-old Karen Plambeck of Sherrard. They say she has a history of animal cruelty with another case in 2019 involving a horse.

The rescue of all these animals was carried out by Mercer County Sheriff's deputies and several animal rescue groups including the Quad Cities New Beginnings Pet Rescue. They are one of the groups now trying to find homes for these animals including many border collies as they shared on Facebook.

It's a sad and horrific story that hopefully now has a happy ending for all of these animals who will hopefully end up in forever homes soon.

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