Yes, there is something different about the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals uniforms today. I'm an unabashed baseball purist and on those grounds I have no problem with today's commemorative uniform. There is a precedent from the Cards first World’s Championship. The Baseball Hall of Fame's Dressed To The Nines Exhibit includes this..

For the 1927 season, the Cards replaced the traditional two birds on the bat with the single cardinal surrounded by the words "World's Champions".  The traditional birds on the bat logo first appeared in 1922 and has been there ever since except for 1956.  The 1906 New York Giants were the first to wear special uniforms following a World Series win. They wore uniforms lettered "World's Champions" following their 1905 World Series win.

Here's what this year's opening day uniform looks like courtesy of the Cardinals website...

I like the idea of the special opening day uniforms. The gold does make the uniforms look a bit like the Sioux Falls Canaries of the Northern League. When viewed from behind, the gold with blue trim brings Quincy Notre Dame or Jeff City Helias to mind.