Whenever you see a blog about what to do on a snow day, it's about what you can find for your kids to do to pass the time when school is out. But, what about a business person who has a few minutes on a snow day when there aren't many customers?

John DeFeo

In fact, there are things you can do to work on getting more customers in the door when the weather does straighten up.

If you have a front window, you can plan window displays. Experts say businesses should change their displays every 4-6 weeks. That display could make the difference between someone walking by or coming in.

Another important thing to do in this day and age is to help potential customers find you online, including from their phone. You can use tools like Google Places, Yelp, Siri, and other sites to get your business information, and give customers the chance to post reviews about your business.

These were among the items we covered with Hannibal Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director McKenzie Disslehorst on a recent KHMO Talk Back: