A number of young shooters were honored at the recent banquet marking the end of this season's Shooter's Education course.

According to the Hannibal Parks and Recreation Department, more than 40 children took part in the firearm safety awareness program, which starts in November, meets every week at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center, and is coordinated by Mark and Tammie McKinney. Representatives from the Missouri Department of Conservation also helped with the program.

The winning team was: Derek Coffey, Evan Flaspohler and Bobby Dinwiddie, coached by Markie McKinney.

The second place team was: John Fowler, who also coached, Malachi Dillman and Caleb Allen.

The third place team was: Jacob Hamm, who also coached, Dalton Largent and Geana Gilbert.

Individual winners were:

Most Improved

8-10: Sariah Barbee

11-13: Geana Gilbert

14-16: Sierra Barbee


8-10:  Brook Doughty

11-13: Olivia Clark

14-16: Kale Flaspohler

Top Gun

8-10: Karson Westoff

11-13: Evan Flaspohler

14-16: Jordyn Hamm

Top Position - Rifle

8-10: Malachi Dillman, prone; Carter Sims, sit and kneel; James Largent, stand.

11-13: Evan Flaspohler, prone, sit, kneel, stand

14-16: Kale Flaspohler, prone; John Fowler, sit; Jordyn Hamm, kneel and stand

Top Position - Pistol

8-10: Kyle Gipson, prone; Karson Westoff, sit; James Largent, kneel;  Brook Doughty, stand

11-13: Destiny Combs, prone; Evan  Flaspohler, sit, kneel and stand

14-16: Kale Flaspohler, prone and stand; Kearsten Kreason, sit; Heath Ehret, kneel

90+ All with rifle (shooters who accumulate a score of 90 or higher on a target page): Jordyn Hamm, Kearston Kreason and Evan Flaspohler

10X shooters (Out of the 6,000 targets shot this year, only 17 of them hit the center of the 10-ring):

Jordyn Hamm, Kale Flaspohler, Olivia Clark, Geana Gilbert, Jacob Hamm, Heath Ehret, Shelby Patterson, Andrew Dillman, Sierra  Barbee, Matthew Wilson, Kearsten Kreason, Ashton Wallace, Sariah Barbee, John Fowler, Bailee Sue Zinn, Evan Flaspohler and Kane Wilson